Sunday, July 7, 2013

WebPasswordSafe v1.3 Released!

Okay, so the next version took a little longer than expected, but it was worth the wait.  Many new features and user requests are included, as well as a pre-built sample .war file in the download area by popular request.  Here are highlights of the changes:

  • Major changes to extensible reports architecture
    • Reports can take optional input parameters
    • New Password Expiration Report
    • New System Audit Log Report
  • Tag name autocomplete input on password edit screen
  • Groups and Templates can be permanently deleted
  • Bypassing of password permissions for "admin" role is now a configurable option to turn on or off
  • Better support for root context and reverse-proxy deployments
  • New RESTful Web Service API
  • CSP implemented for additional layer of security
  • Password Title no longer required to be unique
  • Various Username and Password fields standardized on 100 character max length
  • Tags on password search screen customized for logged-in user
  • Help documentation now links to locally deployed site